Hoop Schaible

and the Upper Black Eddy Gang

Letter Home About Hoop Schaible Racing

by J.T. Hoff

My brother and I used to take turns spending the summer at my grand-parents home where Hoop also lived. Below are the contents of a letter that J.T. Hoff sent home to our parents in North Carolina. The Bill is Bill Schaible, Rob, Rob Schaible and Pop-pop was Percy Schaible (Hoop's father). J.T. was 10 years old at the time.

June 29, 1965

Dear Mom and Dad,

How are you? I am just fine. Bill, Rob, Pop-pop and me went to the races. We saw Hoop race. Hoop won a race. When you win a race you have to ride around the race track so everybody knows that they win the race. Hoop got in two wrecks.

Once a man crashed into the fence and Hoop hit him right in the back of the car. One car crashed into the fence and Hoop hit him and spun around the track and then was going backwards on the track then was out of the race. You know what time Hoop crashed? 11:30 at night.

From, J.T.